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10/06/2019 18:24 - geplaatst door Stingray

De feiten zijn er: Evgheny Bobryshev brak in de start van de eerste reeks in Orljonok zijn scheenbeen. Jammer voor 'Jenya', die toch al van plan was om zich aan de pols te laten helpen.

zijn team schreef een hele mooie ondersteuning voor de zeer aimabele Rus. We hebben het met opzet niet vertaald.

Doe de moeite en lees verder onder Thor, het is mooi.

Credtis: Raph Sauze.


We were lucky to meet you at the peak of your career
We were lucky to make you test our bike and have our first international positive comments on our chassis
We were lucky to be able to help you after your English arenacross campaign
We were lucky to score the first MxGP points of our career with you
We were lucky to get our first Top 10 overall together
We were even more lucky to help you to score some excellent Top 8 on the Suzuki last year
We were lucky to sign you for one more year
We were lucky to have you understanding our ideas and worked hard all winter long with us in total trust
We were lucky to have you try the first MxGP despite the wrist problem
We were also lucky to have understanding the importance to heal correctly after
We were lucky to have you back in the team in June, and showing direct excellent speed in Russian qualifications

But you were totally unlucky with your new injury…

Evgeny, the all team wish you the best recovery possible.
Take your time to heal, you will be walking, cycling and running in no-time

We are still hungry to be lucky with you again….and again!

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